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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Dec 16, 2020

In our eyes, a truly successful integrated business model is when we get to go out and really live the life that we want to, as opposed to getting trapped in the one that fuels a “what can I buy now” or when’s the next big earn-out or big buyout mindset.

Being focused on getting more STUFF is a desire that doesn’t get satisfied, and sometimes the sacrifices made truly aren't worth it.

To dive into this concept further, Host & Creator, Natalie, and fellow lifestyle entrepreneur & guest, Matt Andersen, CPA, dissect the following nuggets of wisdom together: 

  • Why the endless pursuit of “more and more” is a major stressor in people’s lives and why the expensive name-brand or “new thing” doesn’t create joy
  • Why living a blended lifestyle where you’re allowed to live the “retirement lifestyle” at ANY age and get fulfillment through work equates to freedom
  • How essential it is to live our Truth and when we do so, this allows the energy of money to follow and other things we need to easily flow in 
  • Why the shared economy/gig economy is the NOW and the future 
  • How this past year has fast-tracked us into all of finding Truth and is a HUGE opportunity