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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Jul 29, 2019

Asking for help is STRENGTH. It is NOT a weakness. It means you are vulnerable, it is humility. Those two things a person MUST have in this life so that life is created from a non-egoic space.

It's an invitation for collaboration and creativity beyond what any of us could do alone. That doesn’t mean it’s ever easy, but the brilliance and expansive potential are worth it every damn time.

NEW CO-HOST ANNOUNCEMENT: Diane McDermott, you heard her on Episode #36 (go take a listen to that one here). We met for a BIG reason, not just a “we’re going to be friends” kind of reason. It’s bigger than that. 

Welcome to our first CO-HOSTED podcast recording of many. In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Why asking for help is a brilliant step for anyone, but most especially for business owners
  • What this allowance for help can do in your life - it brings the magic!
  • Why the theme of ALLOWING supports evolution while SETTING BOUNDARIES leads to your ability to refine your journey so you can create it YOUR way
  • Where the Disrupt Now Podcast is going from here



Natalie Viglione’s organization is all about Life & Business Guidance, with a hint of self-discovery education through the Smart Start Series.

Disrupt Now is all about guidance for solopreneurs or those aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Getting men and women UNstuck and learn how to create from the basis of their own wishes and desires to fully activate purpose! This is done through 1:1 and group coaching/workshops.  

When we work with larger companies of 5-50 employees, we bring in the crew of Team Gu. This is where we serve socially conscious business owners through Sales Training & Development / Sales & Marketing Alignment, Creating Purpose-Driven Communications, and Operations