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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Sep 22, 2022

We are all One and we are all on this planet together; while this is not a new concept, what is NEW is people really getting this at a deep level.  

In this episode, Mike Glauser is our guest. He isn't a theologian or an ancient philosopher but in his new book he knew the message was important called One People One Planet. People across generations are feeling lonely and discouraged, so Mike is leaning on the most insightful people in the history of mankind to make people happier.

What’s in this episode: 

  • How we see superficial cues and why we need to learn to get over what people look like and get to the core of what a SOUL means
  • Why we must let go of the fabricated illusionary Self to prove to ourselves that we can evolve to be something more enjoyable 
  • We are all works in progress and we can choose to be different tomorrow - think about the powerful story of the holiday movie Scrooge
  • All beings on this planet are One, it’s time we choose to SEE this and FEEL the interconnectivity 
  • If we give things away that need those things, we’re happier than if we don’t do that (and there’s a huge study to prove it!) 
  • The Law of Karma underlies everything because everything is energy in motion (and physics finally caught up to this primeval truth)
  • All beings on this Earth are a family and how important this fundamental truth is to get

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