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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Oct 10, 2017

Natalie Viglione interviews Lisa Wang, Co-Founder/CEO of Sheworx. They discuss harnessing the power of “Enoughness" and "Antifragility" even at your lowest points. Disrupting the status quo to support women, and help them truly believe in themselves which is important to move forward and evolve, especially in order to get funded by a VC. Lisa and the Sheworx organization is on a mission to drive gender parity in funding. 

Lisa is a former Olympic Level gymnast, and is a serial entrepreneur. She began her professional career as a hedge fund analyst on Wall Street, and then founded a foodtech company incubated in Food-X, and currently she is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of SheWorx.

She and her business partner, Yin Lin, built a platform and community empowering over 20,000+ women to build and scale successful companies where they have access to actionable business strategies and access to top investors. Lisa is driving the movement for gender parity in funding and championing a new model of leadership. This year she was recognized as the Top 20 Entrepreneurs to watch in 2017 by CIO Magazine.


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