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Disrupt Now Podcast

Jun 5, 2020

What if the challenges weren’t in your way, but rather on your way as you’re moving to something MUCH GREATER and MORE PROFOUND? 

Special guest, Laura Khalil, joins the conversation. She’s a transformational speaker and executive coach who shares courageous leadership skills to help women succeed inside and...

Apr 20, 2020

Natalie Viglione, host & creator, and co-host, Diane McDermott, dive into why surrendering is SO important right now (now more than ever)! There was a video but Zoom couldn’t keep up with us so we had to trash it (BOO!). 

Recorded on a 444 portal day (April 4, 2020) so there was a powerful force that we had...

Mar 18, 2020

Many are realizing that the same ole corporate path after university ain’t their bag!

This is a story about that, and it’s always amazing to hear how other people make that happen. It’s also important to remember that this path is not without hurdles. Nothing is perfect, so it’s good to know how others...

Mar 5, 2020

We were JOLTED AWAKE big time this January 2020, were you?

There are times in life when we’re asked to grow. We can turn our heads to the experience and keep moving as we are today. But that keeps us on the same old route which means we are creating the same patterns over and over. 

The alternative is that we...

Feb 7, 2020

Join us in this episode with host, Natalie Viglione, co-host, Diane McDermott, with our guest, Anthony DeNino.

Here's what we dive into:

  • We talk about some of the odd challenges in the book publishing realm (so if you're seeking to publish a book, you'll definitely want to tune in!)
  • How the topic of gratitude...