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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Apr 20, 2020

Natalie Viglione, host & creator, and co-host, Diane McDermott, dive into why surrendering is SO important right now (now more than ever)! There was a video but Zoom couldn’t keep up with us so we had to trash it (BOO!). 

Recorded on a 444 portal day (April 4, 2020) so there was a powerful force that we had to surrender to (with some libations to help fuel the conversation). 

Grab a glass, and sit back and listen! 

This episode touches on: 

  • How surrendering is not about sitting back and thinking that things come TO you without any hard work or actions 
  • Allowing feelings to come through you even when you want to resist
  • That you’ve got to TAKE ACTION but not use brute force to bring something to fruition
  • It’s a opening up to a softness, to allowing things to flow THROUGH you
  • We must surrender to the fact that we can’t control everything (we know, that’s NOT easy!)
  • The power of surrendering GIVES you power (but you have to be an active participant)
  • And MORE!