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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Dec 10, 2021

Putting a book out there is a writer's dream. But did you know that it takes more than just a good story to make a great book? And with everyone and their dog (almost quite literally) putting out a “book” these days, a book needs to be created with a powerful intention and with incredible clarity (with a marketing-mindset first!). It’s not something anyone should do unless they’re willing to step into the journey to create an amazing book.

In this episode, Julie Broad is Natalie Viglione’s guest, an Amazon Bestselling Author and the creator/founder of the self-publishing services firm called Book Launchers.

Natalie and Julie dive into the following:

  • How the narcissistic/egotistical attitude kills books and book ideas
  • Why you should not obsess about getting a book deal (and the different options that you have)
  • The ways to figure out how to sell your book
  • What success looks like for book authors
  • Why the act of expression through writing is part science and part art
  • How to make sure your book is aligned with your bigger goals of your business/career 

And of course, as always, a whole lot more! Listen to the full episode below!

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