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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Apr 9, 2021

What is the great awakening? What is the significance of the great awakening? This episode is all about the evolution of humanity with guest, Sophie McLean. The conversation weaves through the current great awakening, the great shift from homosapiens to homospiritus, and delves into the fact that every single human is on a hero’s journey, we meander through these beautiful facts: 

  • How we each have the POWER to shift from being the victim/sufferer to the powerful co-creator, an originator of all things in our life
  • That humans have gifts, the gift is Kinetic Energy… learn why resisting this gift pushes us into more suffering
  • We are being FORCED to either resist awakening or to awaken (you can choose)
  • Homosapiens and ego have gotten us so far, but we have created a world of cruelty, division… it is time to transition
  • What this awakening really means and how it is shoving us into Homospiritis and what that means… + more!

Make sure to read our post about Sophie at (watch the video version here:, and she is giving away a FREE COURSE so make sure to go check that out!