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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Mar 25, 2021

In this episode, we step into the medical visionary brain of Melanie Weller, creator of Embody Your Star. Here’s what we cover in this mind-blowing episode: 

  • That the Vagus Nerve in our body isn’t “just a nerve” that sits at the base of the skull, it’s actually a MAJOR key to alignment for better health, vitality, and more!
  • Why there’s a deep relationship between our bodies and how we show up in the world
  • How the cosmos are literally coded INTO our bodies; we are fractals of the cosmos-as above, so below 
  • Electromagnetic frequencies are all around us and are key to understanding dis-ease in our bodies (think the Chinese Medicine concept of Qi (said like “chee”), chakras, and more) 
  • That the astrological signs (e.g: the language of the cosmos) are actually the scientific way to communicate with our anatomical bodies

And more… the ultimate message is that when you align BELOW (you/your body) with the ABOVE (Earth and greater cosmos), this is how you step into your brilliance in a bigger way than you ever thought possible!

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GIVEAWAY NOTICE: We will be giving away a LIVE Vagus Nerve Decompression Course with Melanie (for up to 8 people)! GO SEE MORE ON and see Melanie’s post to learn more and how to enter.