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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Aug 21, 2023

Welcome to Season 2 of the Disrupt Now Podcast, we're calling this New Earth Magick! It's been a long ride up to this point since 2017/2018, all brought to me via a beautiful vision by my Divine Team... I'm so happy and excited to bring forward this new season.

The primordial wisdom that we can tap into during this time is part of the magick, as is the higher consciousness that we can touch via our direct beautiful HUMAN connection to the Divine Source of All that Is!

I now fully realize the scope and magnitude of why we MUST say NO to the status quo, this is the very ethos of the DisrUPt Now everything! Otherwise, we will ride the status quo into the abyss...

The foundation of this concept of disrUPtion and letting go are two critical themes that are important themes as part of the awakening magick in this new paradigm.

This paradigm shift of higher consciousness which is the shift into the New Earth vibrations with 5th dimensional consciousness (and above) flooding in and the creation of the 4th density experience.

There is so much magick and mystery yet to be unveiled in this time of the apocalypse, please join us in this journey to awaken magick again!