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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Nov 28, 2022

I was given the chance to be on The Soul Science Nutrition Podcast by Christine Okezie, and I was able to share my personal healing journey navigating sudden and unexplained weight gain and other major health issues that I eventually discovered were the result of toxic mold exposure and an impaired immune system in early childhood.

My steadfast search for answers led to the discovery of a much deeper aspects about myself, including my gifts as a psychic empath and intuitive. This powerful self realization set me on a new path to blend my intuitive gifts and passion for natural healing along with my creative business marketing savvy to help humans get the clarity they seek in their health and their business.

In addition to studying plant & herbal medicine and bio-frequency healing modalities, together with my husband Mark, we also have a Creative Collective called Team Gu, which provides entrepreneurs with creative content marketing.

The business has also evolved to include life and spiritual guidance with Disrupt Now Program & Podcast. Through all these endeavors, I believe I am answering a divine calling from my soul to help people understand how to awaken to become conscious, divine co-creators in their health and life.

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