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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Nov 4, 2020

Natalie has been on a magical journey for the past year or so in connecting to the core of her purpose and reaching into the past to understand the larger picture of her journey. She has discovered she comes from a long line of powerful ancestors of Irish, Scottish, and Germanic descent-- powerful priestesses, pagans, and Celtic warriors and healers, also known as witches. 

A witch is simply a healer, and magick is real; it’s essentially working with the energies of the Universe. There is so much to UNlearn to get to the truth around this topic… 

In this episode, we get to explore the beauty in the ancient wisdom our ancestors held and dive in with Christopher Penczak around magick and witchcraft. He is a modern Witch, award-winning author, and co-founder of the Temple of Witchcraft.

After listening (or watching) this episode, you will have learned: 

  • How understanding purpose means to know thyself, a concept that is the very basis of our evolution as a humanity 
  • The history of healers/shamans/witches and the foundations of Celtic and pagan wisdom
  • How the movement to uniform religion became an inversion to the healing, loving energies of the past (and how we’ve been disconnected)
  • The truth of what a “witch” really means and why witchcraft is a Mystery School surrounding energy work, healing, and the work of shamans
  • Consciousness and its role in understanding our innate gifts as humans --psychic and other magical abilities that we’re taught to ignore 
  • The Wheel of the Year and our connection to nature and the cosmos