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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Apr 28, 2021

3 years ago I timidly started this Disrupt Now Podcast, and was so happy to have had my favorite go-to teacher in life, Kute Blackson, on the show (go check out episodes 6 and 7).

His grounded messages have always been easy to take in and he has been doing the transformational teaching thing since he was a little kid! 

So honored to say that Kute is back on the podcast and this time, the message and focus is all about SURRENDERING.

Kute’s new book, The Magic of Surrender is out, and here’s the magick that you’ll take in by watching or listening to this episode: 

💫  Why you need to stake a claim your life now--rather than waiting until you’re dead to surrender, why not surrender now? 

💫  Learn that surrendering is NOT a weakness, it’s actually the most POWERFUL move we can make

💫  We cannot willpower our way through life via force (and receive magick!), how to stop negotiating your destiny

💫  Learn how to allow life to reveal itself, when we’re open, we’re open to infinite creativity

💫  What if surrender means you get MORE than you could ever imagine? 

💫  Why your mind is limited to the past, learn how to let go the willingness to know and control- you don’t have to know where you’re going

💫 How to start embracing the unknown and get out of our own way by telling yourself the TRUTH (no more lies opens your life to possibilities!)

...with so many more tips from Kute! 


***Please make sure to grab Kute’s book now BEFORE MAY 4th as you, my audience, have been offered free gifts from Kute if you order the book before May 4th, 2021. You can do so by going here: