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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Jun 23, 2017

Arrie Fae (also known as Faux Pas le Fae) is the Artistic Director and Founder of KineticArchitecture Dance Theatre, and Downtown Nightlife Performance Artist.

Natalie speaks with Arrie about her experiences as a transgender choreographer and her drive to re-imagine what dance has the potential to be through openness to diverse influences in order to create work that serves as poetic activism for the issues of self love, social equality, and continued understanding of transgender people. Her work is disrupting the way people see and experience dance, as well as challenge "the way things are" currently.

Her goal is to build a home and studio in downtown NYC helping underrepresented artists. 

KineticArchitecture Dance Theatre is a not-for-profit and is currently seeking donations to help support their next large production (discussed in the podcast) called Twisters & Witches, a riff off of Wizard of Oz. You can donate and help support the organization at

Come see KineticArchitecture Dance Theatre at the Bryant Park Contemporary Dance Festival.

You can see more about Arrie and KADT at and also see more about the Disrupt Now Program at

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