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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Jul 7, 2022

When we look closely to the foundation of progress and action in this world, we will discover that it is all about evolution. Everything boils down to the idea of movement and transformation.

It's about understanding that disrUPtions take you UP out of your current situation. That is, you are entering a place of greater possibility and potential, which is often forgotten and missed in the feelings that can surround unsteadiness or chaos.

In this intuitive and always-awesome episode with Kute Blackson, we talk about evolution, our purpose, and what the meaning of surrendering means… A lot of Kute's work now is about surrendering. What does "Surrender" imply? What does surrendering in the now look like? 

Here are some of the learnings you'll get in this episode:

  • What is the most frequent misconception in surrender and surrendering? Why is surrendering a more active activity than complacency?
  • How do we accept our individuality? How can we avoid comparing ourselves to the people around us?
  • Why does magic happen when we remove the boundaries of life?
  • What does complete surrender expose us to in life and the universe?
  • Why do we need to think of life as a school or university for the growth of our soul?
  • Our goal is to help people evolve. Every minute has a purpose. We cannot live our mission if we are not developing and evolving intuitively.

With a lot more wisdom within!

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