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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Jul 14, 2017

On Episode #14, Natalie gets to sit down and talk to Steve Gruber who is the Director of Communications for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and has worked with this non-profit for about 12 years. He manages the organization’s communications activities, including advertising, public relations, internal communications and publications. Steve has worked in the marketing communications field for most of his career, and has volunteered or worked for several animal protection organizations in the past. 

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals certainly disrupted the typical model for how animals were being handled in the shelters all over the NYC region. The truth is, the majority of animals were being euthanized because of an ineffective model, but this organization came in and said NOT ANYMORE! They have saved over 300,000 lives since 2003 alone! How awesome is that?! 

It's not surprising that Steve's beliefs are such that simply one’s power to disrupt – or to move forward in any capacity – is to try to tap your passion to find your true motivation and direction. We all have the capacity to disrupt – to make change happen and he believes, like Natalie does, it starts from within.

Join us on Episode 14 -- all you pet lovers everywhere will be incredibly happy, like us!


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