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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Nov 7, 2022

Excited to announce my newest interview with Renee Spears on The Abundology Podcast!⁣⁣
Do you have the feeling you're missing something important? Are you looking for signs from the Universe but can't seem to find them? ⁣⁣
Here are some insights from this wonderful conversation:⁣⁣
✨ How does the Universe communicate with us through dreams, visions, angel numbers, and animal guides?⁣⁣
✨ In what way do these signs encourage us to pay attention to our higher selves.⁣⁣
✨ Why should we not dismiss a hit? As soon as you see, hear, get, or feel it, write it down immediately and trust it's a message!⁣⁣
And so much more!⁣⁣

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