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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Feb 19, 2019

The first episode of 2019! Episode #35 of the Disrupt Now Podcast is excited to feature our special guest, Stacy Cassio. Stacy is the Founder of the Pink Mentor Network, the first women's mentorship platform in Charlotte, NC.

Her story is yet another example that when we get faced with a BIG push in the direction of the unknown, that shove can lead to unbelievably amazing things that previously we could have thought potentially not impossible! Oh, but the amazing is possible, and Stacy PROVES it! Her hard shove by the universe to bring Pink Mentor Network to life in a BIG way (versus just a side hustle for quite a while) is a motivational story, and what she is doing in Charlotte, NC is helping women get access to mentorship in a new way.

She believes that the way we used to find and utilize mentors is not working [for women] anymore and that 'mentorship' is prime for disruption...



Natalie Viglione teaches men and women how to get UNstuck and more rooted, connected, and empowered to consciously activate their unique purpose by disrUPting their professional life to GO BIG, or to finally launch their dream business!

She helps small business owners get their message CLEAR around the unique purpose so that the ‘why’ is front and center and can continue to serve by helping set up the business properly to fuel your growth. This happens in phases by providing operationally and strategically sound actions around communications/content, operations, and sales/business outreach activities.