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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Mar 17, 2022

⁣I am on an incredible healing and empowerment journey; many of you are hearing the same calling... ⁣

In this time of the massive Great Awakening, many of us women are remembering and awakening deeper than ever before, and many of us are being called to reclaim a powerful legacy. ⁣

For me, I awakened in 2020 to the realization that I am to reclaim my legacy of light, to walk as a psychic-intuitive, as a healer, and to bring the priestess and shaman blood I have coursing through my veins to life again on this Earth. ⁣

But with this comes massive disruption and it means that many things have to change, and change quite abruptly! It can seem crazy, and others may not understand you any longer, but the Goddess is RISING and Mother Earth is calling us back to Her. I dive into HOW we can RISE together to walk with bold authenticity!⁣

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