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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Mar 28, 2022

Often “having ambition” can be seen as if it’s something “bad,” mostly when it comes to women and ambition; as if it’s something women aren’t supposed to have. But, as we all know, having goals, dreams, ambition to do better, be more, etc. is something that all humans should equally be able to do! 

In this episode we, as always, will disrUPt any crazy talk and ensure that everyone knows that all humans should DESIRE things for their lives and ambition could be a part of those desires, but it means something different for everyone (because we aren’t all the same and never will be nor should be)! 

Natalie’s guest in this episode is Rebeca Allen, the CIO & Founder of Illuminate Personal Growth, and they go on a journey discussing: 

  • Why ambition has no ONE definition as to what it means for our life
  • How discovery is essential to the process - ask yourself  ‘WHAT DO I WANT?’ as step one 
  • Why having commitment to get what you desire is imperative
  • How to start believing that you DESERVE opportunity in your life 
  • Start breaking down your belief structures to get to KNOWING
  • Embracing disruptions as being for the ultimate good is where power can be found 
  • Why looking at your environment for advocates for your life is incredibly important 
  • If you have a negative self-thought, look for evidence of it being true (taking YOU out of the equation!)
  • Plus, more!

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