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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Mar 15, 2022

As humans, we constantly have this innate desire to be valued. We always like to know that our voice matters and be part of something important. But how did we get so divided and separated? What is happening right now is the total opposite of what each of us genuinely desires: INCLUSIVITY.

In my conversation with Shawna Schuh, we'll be deep-diving into inclusivity in the workplace, which can be a total game-changer. Shawna is an eccentric thought leader, skilled executive leadership coach, and lifetime adventurer. She is a leadership coach and knows leaders thrive with an advocate who questions their thought processes, and her unconventional perspective gives her some eye-opening questions to ask.

In this episode, we'll explore: 

  • How and why animals and nature represent the true way humanity should be 
  • Why learning how to do things differently is important for leaders (OUT OF THE BOX!)
  • How essential it is to create consistent actions that allow teams, workplaces, etc. to become truly collaborative
  • The truth that people have ALWAYS wanted to be treated fairly, equally, and to be a part of something, it’s part of our innate human desire
  • How leaders need to back up their words with authentic ACTION
  • Leaders need to let go of delusions and narcissistic qualities to be able to step into their true power

As always, make sure to listen or watch the full episode to hear and learn more wisdom drops!

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