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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Aug 25, 2021

Many of us are focused on New Earth, and the truth is that this is going to be a LONG transition, not something that lasts a couple years’ time. And, at this time, there is nothing more important than moving from a place of love versus fear, and learning how to move into trust versus doubt. Losing connection to ourselves takes place when we live in fear versus living in a natural state that’s based in flow, and based in love-light.


Moving into this topic more and more is important to hear different perspectives and in this episode, Natalie Viglione speaks with her guest, Kenji Kumara, a friend, client of Natalie’s company (Team Gu), and a spiritual advisor that has been in the spiritual industry for about 50 years on a winding path that has meandered into many places. In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • How Kenji’s journey of seeking for things “out there” just led him back to himself
  • How the connection of being 'recognized' in our early stages of life can change the way we are when we’re older 
  • The pains and opportunities of being a seeker and the roller coaster that Kenji has experienced
  • What it really means to LOOK WITHIN and not “out there” 
  • What is New Earth energy from Kenji’s perspective 
  • How centering can help the transitioning into this long and extremely powerful cycle of energy

….and more!

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