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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Jul 15, 2021

“No one owns the water. No one owns the land. No one owns the oceans. No one owns the sand. These are given by our Mother. The Planet provides for free. Only by the hands of the greedy does the Earth require a fee.” - Unknown

There is a truth that we must realize, each of us has a responsibility to make the world a better place, and we need accountability so we can turn things around. This episode features guest John Lefebvre, who has recorded albums with grammy-winning producers, spent time in prison, and has given away over $50 million dollars to charity. In this episode, we discuss:

  • That no matter what your belief structure is, Mother Earth needs to be taken care of
  • If we paid more attention to the way that older civilizations lived in harmony with all things, this world could become a better place (faster!)
  • There are the “selfish wealthy” and then there are others who understand how to give back 
  • It’s time to change humanity’s ethos from “grabby” to that of “sharing” 
  • Sharing can change people’s lives and make the whole fake scarcity game go away for good

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