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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

May 28, 2021

Another amazing episode featuring a Marengo coach, the last in this Marengo Series (for right now!).... and this time it’s with Kate Eckman! 

The unique gift that she brings through into her work is that she leverages 3 very important aspects of all things: CONFIDENCE, RESILIENCE and WELL-BEING -- she knows there is a Link Between Personal Fulfillment and Business Success. 

Here are some of the soulful wisdom drops that you’ll hear in this episode: 

  • Why it’s necessary to break down the societal standards and disrupt belief structures
  • How confidence, resilience and well-being is looking at the WHOLE PERSON (not little bits & pieces)
  • Why competition is bullsh*t and women need to start supporting women FOR REAL
  • That the outside of us is just a shell to the magnificence which is our SOUL 
  • Ways to shed self-doubt and strengthen your spiritual core 

Plus, more! Kate also has a new book called The Full Spirit Workout (see more in her full write-up)!

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