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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Jan 28, 2021

“There’s enough room in that big dark, beautiful sky for all of us to shine. In fact, the more stars that we have that light up the sky, the more ease we have in navigating this life. So please go shine your light!” - Our guest, Jennifer Love

Our businesses, if you’re an entrepreneur, and our lives require us to look outside the box and to look into nature for answers. There is a clear reason why this makes sense and what this episode is all about!  

Jennifer Love is a money therapist and wealth philosopher, as well as the CEO of the True Wealth Institute & -- she helps world leaders free themselves of the chains that hold them back from having a healthy relationship with money.

Here’s what you get to explore in this episode: 

  • The connection between nature and money (and what this means for your life)
  • How connecting with nature connects you to yourself, and there’s massive power in this
  • How to go back to a child-like innocence to bring more peace and joy in your life (and business)
  • How nature is our ally and it links us into magic and lessons we can learn from it
  • Why we aren’t meant to live in scarcity but rather in abundance (like nature itself)
  • Why making values-based wealth decisions transforms your business and life 
  • How most leaders are living in an “emotional poverty” and how this affects prosperity and success

And so much more!