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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Dec 29, 2020

Major transformation can often take place after great destruction in our life. But, that’s not TRULY necessary IF we are listening to the whispers that come to us from the Universe/Source (whatever you want to call that powerful force).

It means that we have to listen to our innate intuition and really be in touch with it; this is often where we get stuck.

In this episode, host, Natalie Viglione, and her guest, Raquel Vasallo, an author and spiritual advisor to female visionaries and leaders, weave through the following insights:  

  • When you receive whispers from the universe, listen right away (don’t wait!)
  • Avoiding disasters and trauma by getting quiet and still 
  • Finding the golden opportunities in everything (even a Near Death Experience!)
  • How to learn to say YES to your purpose (even when there’s fear to step into that power)
  • Why deprogramming is necessary to comprehend awakening and transformation (and what it means for your life and business)
  • How the divine feminine energy equates to FLOW and is available to everyone (gender is not attached to these energies)

...and more!