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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Aug 12, 2019

The Surprising Truth About Work-Life Balance... We TRY to find "balance”, but the truth is, that's BS!!!

We try to seek out balance when we don’t know what that even means! 

We add SO MUCH stress into our lives when we think we must GO&  FIND work-life balance. And, then feel like utter failures when we can’t seem to find it! 

Traditional thinking up to this point in time: You’re not successful UNTIL you find it. All these OTHER PEOPLE found it, what’s wrong with you!?

What this podcast episode will help you do: 

  • Create less anxiety by stopping to add more stress, and stop thinking “What’s wrong with ME?” (A horribly negative cycle to get into!)
  • Redefine success for YOU (not material things mind you!)- Stop the overwhelm to always try to work harder, do more, then do more & then some more! 
  • The kicker; we must DEFINE for ourselves "What is balance in MY life?

Our special guest, Courtney Elmer, is a Lifestyle Strategist, Speaker, and Stress Expert dedicated to showing high-achieving women how to StressLESS and LiveMORE.



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