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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

May 3, 2019

On this episode, special guest, Josh Doster, a Running Back on the Carolina Energy Arena Football team, explains how he overcame obstacles to get to play football again because football is his PASSION

Why you should listen to this episode... Here's what you'll hear:

  • How you can overcome adversity to get to where you want to go... maybe not in the EXACT way you dreamed.
  • Why you should NEVER give up on your dreams. 
  • How hard work always pays off in the end!

Josh's BIGGEST lesson: 

"You have to take responsibility for your actions… no matter what."

Fast-forward to 2018's first season. He became the starting running back of the Carolina Energy Arena team and went on to lead the league in rushing yards and touchdowns in the FIRST season (until an injury that hit in the 6th game).



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