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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Apr 4, 2019

Special guest, Perry Floyd, on the Carolina Energy Arena Football team in Charlotte, NC, shares his journey and how he broke through the obstacles that kept him from his passion -- FOOTBALL!

He shares his journey and his innate ability to keep pushing on! We all experience “failures” but it's how we PUSH THROUGH those times to keep at what we believe in. He believes that we can squeeze every bit of good from any situation and show others how not to make some of the same mistakes and keep going. 

He used his "weaknesses" to keep on pushing through to share his gift of athletics! Listen now to hear his story and take the inspiration you need to help you uncover your passions! 

2018, the first year of the team, they scored 100 + points and set a record last year-- their first year! (Where’s the mercy rule!?) Perry is a Carolina Energy power player, a Wingate University Alum, a dad, and owner of a personal performance & athletics training company called Elite Visions. 



Natalie Viglione teaches men and women how to get UNstuck and more rooted, connected, and empowered to consciously activate their unique purpose by disrUPting their professional life to GO BIG, or to finally launch their dream business!

Natalie helps small business owners get their message CLEAR around the unique purpose so that the ‘why’ is front and center and can continue to serve by helping set up the business properly to fuel your growth. This happens in phases by providing operationally and strategically sound actions around communications/content, operations, and sales/business outreach activities.