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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Apr 4, 2019

In this short episode, I will introduce the topic of passion and am setting up the next couple of episodes upcoming. By exploring what passion means, this can allow us to stoke that fire within!

Passion is a FEELING, it’s something that makes you feel SO ALIVE you get chills up and down your body and you LIGHT up… but from within.  What I’ve seen is that a lot of people don’t realize their true passions, or they do but then quickly shove them back inside of themselves because it isn’t something they “should do” (societal status quo relentlessly suppressing them), or it's something that doesn't make a profit (right now).

By doing self-discovery work to understand what this desire really means, this will give your soul permission to open up that path and see what’s POSSIBLE! It’s what I help my clients do... uncovering PURPOSE!

These next two episodes being released on my podcast are with two arena football players from the Carolina Energy arena football team and we dive into this topic -- PASSION! I have players Perry Floyd and Josh Doster coming on to share their journeys, talk about their obstacles, what passion means to them.

I hope that you enjoy!

- Natalie Viglione



Natalie Viglione teaches men and women how to get UNstuck and more rooted, connected, and empowered to consciously activate their unique purpose by disrUPting their professional life to GO BIG, or to finally launch their dream business! And, then to DRIVE that business forward.

Natalie helps small business owners get their message CLEAR around the unique purpose is front and center and can continue to serve by helping set up the business properly to fuel its growth. This happens in phases by providing operationally and strategically sound actions around communications/content, operations/people, and sales/business outreach activities.