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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Feb 2, 2018

In Ep. 25, Natalie Viglione interviews Sally Morgan and the conversation is centered around the Power of Voice. The voice and the way in which it holds a presence in the body can shift the way you perceive yourself in the world, and how others perceive you in the world. Women have a tendency to lower their voice vibration, but we're here to share with you that you need to OWN that power! We all must OWN that power and, Sally, by using her musical background as a singer, brings a unique perspective to the table on this subject. 

Sally is a speaker development trainer and public speaker; she’s also an author, singer, and musician. Sally brings her performance experience of acting and singing on stage and television, as well as her expertise as a voice trainer and public speaking presentations coach to help you achieve unshakeable confidence, expert status and credibility through powerful communication skills.


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