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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

May 8, 2022

Know Thyself. This is a quote that many have heard but few have deeply understood. What would happen if everyone would do just that and know themselves and learn how to ignite their power?  It would mean a world that would be so radically (and amazingly) different than we see today. A far more evolved Earth than we can fathom. 

This episode’s guest is Addison Ames, an always-on channel, healer and more. He helps us explore the deeper meaning and truth of what Know Thyself means.

In this powerful episode, we explore:

  • What it means to have a deeper understanding of who we are on a big-bigscale, not the little scale that we've been told we are (we as Human and as part of Nature are far bigger than you could imagine!) 
  • Why igniting the God-Self or the Divine-Self within is the most important part of evolution
  • Why humans must understand that we are more than a singularity, we are multidimensional beings and more…
  • The truth that we all have different setups in this realm, meaning not everyone has a Higher Self and even our Soul can be constructed in unique ways
  • That humanity needs more high vibrational beings that are manifest in human form to raise the vibration of the Earth Plane (we need to speed up our evolution)
  • What a soul walk-in is and the “soul marketplace” in which this happens
  • Why it’s important to set an intention to understand yourself and to know that you're in an individualized school of study on this planet… 

With so much more divine wisdom in this episode… enjoy as there’s a lot to soak in!

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