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Disrupt Now Podcast Season 2: New Earth Magick

Apr 11, 2022

The Disrupt Now Podcast hits its 100th episode - WOOHOO! Very exciting! A big thank you to everyone that listens and is on this journey with our team to have more conscious conversations and elevate wisdom in this world! We have been at this for 4 years now and let's keep it going!

How has disrUPtion been a catalyst for Natalie? (She drinks her own "kool aid" so to speak!) Here are some things that this 100th episode includes:

  1. What "reclaiming a legacy of light" means and how you can be empowered to accept who you TRULY are (are you an Avatar?).
  • The opening of the pathway for training as a Master Herbalist and how to listen to your soul or your higher self or the Divine Within.
  • Why heart-brain coherence is THE way to up level your consciousness and intuition (move beyond just the Mind and ignite your Heart).
  • Natural, organic health and healing at the root of all is THE way forward for this entire planet, we have to give our bodies, flora and fauna what it needs to HEAL.
  • Why everyone needs to learn how illness REALLY happens and where it comes from.
  • Why we need to recognize that the medical system is so broken and why there needs to be a MELDING of ER/trauma care (which is allopathic/western medicine practices), with the TRUTH of ancient wisdom of natural health and healing practices of true health.

  • How we step into our power and how we can start to heal ourselves and this world... with more nuggets of wisdom within!

Always go to to read all the details about this episode.

Important resources mentioned in this episode:

Books to find and read:

  1. The Contagion Myth By Thomas Cowan, MD & Sally Fallon Morell (banned on many platforms like amazon to note but you can find it!)

  2. Monsanto Vs. The World by Jason Louv

  3. The Secret Life Of Plants by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird

Research: Yes, the cosmos are conscious!

Read Gregory L. Matloff's research article about this - download from here

Movie mentioned that is important to watch:

  1. The Terrain Film

Water system to get your body healthy at the most basic foundation:

  1. PristineHydro Water Systems